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Republican Senator John McCain has blasted President Barack Obama for damaging Washington’s relations with Tel Aviv.

McCain says US-Israeli relations 'worst' under Obama

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, McCain said the US-Israeli relationship is the worst under Obama. "It's the worst that I've ever seen in my lifetime," the 78-year-old McCain said, adding that no other president "has had such a difficult relationship with Israel."

Obama "had very unrealistic expectations about the degree of cooperation that he would get from Israel," he argued.

The relations between Washington and Tel Aviv have been icy over a number of issues, including the Obama administration’s criticism of Israel’s settlement projects in the occupied Palestinian territories.

On Friday, US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki criticized Israel’s latest plans to construct hundreds of new settler units in the occupied West Bank.

The project will "inflame tensions, further isolate Israel internationally and will not help Israel's security," she said.

Israel announced tenders for at least 450 settler units across the West Bank on Friday.

The spokeswoman said that Washington is in close contact with Palestinian and Israeli officials over the issue.

The US Congress’ invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for next month without consultation with the White House is another sign of flagging relations.

House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress about Iran’s sanctions legislation in March.

The invitation is seen as a joint effort by Republicans and the Israeli premier to rebuke President Obama, who has threatened to veto any legislation authorizing new sanctions on Iran while nuclear negotiations are under way.

The White House announced that Netanyahu and Obama would not meet during the Israeli prime minister’s visit to Washington.


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